Cell Phone Motor Starter, Model: MS1

“Cell Phone Motor Starter” is a device helps to switches on and off electric motors, agriculture pumpsets through mobile phone.

  • Switch on/off motor through missed call or SMS
  • Flexible wiring kit with plug-n-play connectors
  • Suitable for 1/2hp to 50hp motors
  • Suitable for both single phase and three phase motors
  • Control through ten mobile no’s
  • Easily fit with all type of button starters
  • Inbuilt
    • Battery backup
    • Phase failure protection circuit
    • Low voltage protection circuit
    • Phase imbalance protection circuit
  • Exact current(amps) consumption through SMS
  • Manual on/off intimation
  • External bulb can switch on/off at particular time
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  • Model : MS1
  • Dimension : 10.2” (L) x 2.4″ (W) x 6.8″ (H)
  • Weight : 0.75kg
  • Input Voltage : 180V-280V (1 phase) & 350V-450V (3 phase)
  • Power consumption : 10W
  • Network Support : Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 – All mobile operators
  • Connectors : Plug-n-play connectors
  • Wiring kit : 0.5sq.mm 9 core cable
  • Enclosure : Metallic
  • Antenna : High Gain external antenna (3m)
  • Certification : ETDC


  • Agriculture – Irrigation
  • Shopping Malls
  • Multi-storey appartments
  • Factories
  • Institution – School/College
  • Textile Mills
  • Foundries

Pack Contents

  • Main control unit -1 No
  • External antenna with 10feet cable – 1 No
  • 9 Core flexible wiring kit 1metre – 1 No
  • 500mA 3cm Fuse -3 Nos
  • Dry Run Sensor -1 No(Extra Chargeable)
  • User manual with wiring diagram

In built Single phase preventer

sppThis controller protects the pumpset from phase failure, low voltage and phase imbalance. It will not allow the pumpset to run if above said problem occurred. Also, it will send confirmation SMS to you.

Dry run preventer

dry-run-preventer-pngMS1 model “Cell phone motor starter controller” protects pumpset from dry run. You can set the minimum cut off amps value to switch off the pumpset. Controller switches off the pumpset once the water dries.

Auto on mode

auto-modeIt switches on the pumpset automatically after electricity resumes.(Note: You can set the delay time through SMS) It send’s acknowledgement SMS after pumpset on.

Unbalanced voltage cut off


MS1 model cell phone motor starter controller doesn’t allow the pumpset to run if there is low voltage, phase imbalance or phase failure.

Phase reversal protector


It protects the pumpset from phase reversal. Some times R, Y, B electricity gets reversed. In that case flow of water will be very less. To avoid such situation it doesn’t allow the pumpset to run.

Timer mode


MS1 model cell phone motor starter controller have inbuilt timer mode. You can set the pumpset default on and off time through SMS. It has two type of inbuilt timer.

Over load protector


It protects the pumpset from overload, some times pumpset may stuck up in mud. At that time current(amps) shoots up. To avoid coil burnt it switches off pumpset and protects it.

Inbuilt battery backup


Inbuilt battery backup helps you to get confirmation SMS once electricity fails.

Log Report


An android application shows the log report in graphical format. It shows the “electricity available hours” and “Pumpset run hours”

Android Application

MS1 model Mobile starter android application cell phone starter log graph mobitech GSM mobile starter mobitech screenshot_20160926-130458